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e-Village Mobile Application Contest

Dear SIDC members, MCF is doing a Mobile Application contest on e-Village. We invite all of you to sign up and compete for the price and pride. It should be fun and will gain you good networking for your career.This Contest is supported by JTEC, Japan.


Best Mobile Apps for E-Village - 2,000,000 Kyats
Two Runner ups - 500,000 Kyats
**Terms and conditions applied.

Project Category:

Application must have focus on one of the following areas:
1) Rural area development
2) Education
3) Healthcare


Contestant can be Individual or group (must be registered member of SIDC before 30th June 2014)
Submission Date: Midnight, 5th July 2014

Terms and Conditions:

1) Projects must be submitted before deadline to be considered.
2) All decisions are final by the appointed judges.
3) For the Best Mobile Apps, it must be qualified by the judges and stakeholder as readily usable for the e-Village community. In case of no such apps, only the Runner Ups prices will be announced.
4) Judges will be giving points on originality, usability, reliability, performance, and functionality.


မေးစရာများ ရှိရင် မေးပါ။ ထင်မြင်ချက်လည်း ပေးခဲ့ပါ။ ကျေးဇူးတင်ပါတယ်။

chinese japan korea englishmyanmar